Let the Adventure Begin!

I am laying on a queen sized bed, in a tent, in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle. Around me I hear countless sounds of birds, roosters, howler monkeys and who know what other kinds of creatures. Last night I went to bed at 6 p.m., in part because the sun had set and there was not a light, but also because I was completely exhausted.



My tent at Jungle’s Edge in Nosara, Costa Rica

It’s hard to believe that a week ago I wrapped up my time at the U.S. Olympic Committee, packed up my things in Colorado and left. From there I bounced to Madison, Wisconsin where I had the privilege of watching my talented brother produce and perform in an amazing show for Humorology. After that, I was blessed to spend four days with my wonderful parents in Florida before embarking on a nine-month adventure across Central and South America.

My trip to the little surf and yoga town of Nosara was an adventure to say the least. It involved a short overnight stay in San Jose and a wild flight over here on a tiny, two propeller plane. My initial travel mistakes were both naïve and laughable – getting into an unmarked cab (not the safest and will not make that mistake again) and, in my exhaustion, completely misunderstanding the currency exchange leading me to be charged  twice as much as the cab ride should have been. Also, upon landing I learned that Costa Ricans do not have addresses, instead, landmarks are used to mark locations. I had an interesting time explaining to my cab driver that I was staying in a building across the street from the new hospital, diagonal from the bus stop meanwhile noticing that all the Spanish I had picked up in the past several months had conveniently disappeared. After a late check in, I slept in my clothes and woke up early the next morning to redistribute the items in my bags to meet the strict weight limit for the plane from San Jose to Nosara. In my semi-conscious state, I thought it would be a good idea to move some of my liquids from my checked bag to my carry on bag. The plane was tiny and there was no way there would be security. I realized I was wrong as I was dropped off at the main terminal of the San Jose airport and spent the whole security line panicking that my supply of bug spray, sunscreen and shampoo would be confiscated. Also, I was three hours early for my domestic flight….I’ve never been so early for a flight except the one time with puppy chow in Mexico….


Tiny Nature Air plane to Nosara Costa Rica

As soon as I got on the tiny two propeller plane, though, all the mistakes of the past 24 hours seemed okay and I realized how far I’ve come. I noticed that my previous fear of flying, along with many other fears that I let limit me for so long, had disappeared. The flight started without any mention of safety procedures, the plane shook as we took off and bounced around for the duration of the thirty five minute flight but I was fine. Excited. Ready to get to Nosara. Ready to relax. Ready to explore. Ready for an adventure.


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